Anti-money Laundering

As an international foreign exchange (FX) broker providing financial services, Angelo Forex is obliged to be dedicated to follow the anti-money laundering (AML) policy. According to the International Money Laundering Control Law and regulations, Angelo Forex is working with a positive and positive attitude to prevent the unauthorized money laundering line. Our strict policies and procedures have been adopted to discover, prevent and report on money laundering and other suspected rows.

Q: How is money laundering defined?
Money laundering is that criminal transfers and transfers unjust funds to the legitimate financial system without being perceived by authorities concerned. Even criminals or terrorists transfer funds to a legitimate financial system, transfer them from banks and financial instruments there, use them for illegal purposes, purchase goods and services, even to make money for terrorism You can. Angelo Forex will notify you if there is an attempt to hide the source and possession of revenue from illegal activities, including for fraud, theft by individuals or companies, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and other activities.

Q: Do I have to prove my identity before opening an FX trading port?
In order to prevent money laundering, Angelo Forex requires all customers to provide proof of identity and financial resources to all customers before starting FX trading. Before opening or depositing an FX trading account, we thoroughly check the identity of the customer and confirm that the funds were acquired legally. As part of this policy, you need to submit a legal document that can confirm your name, personal information, and address.