This Personal Information and Security Policy explains how Angelo Forex collects, maintains, uses, and discloses your personal information. Angelo Forex is committed to protecting all personal information you provide. Personal information also includes information acquired when you visit the Angelo Forex website. Angelo Forex will use your personal information only in accordance with personal information and security policy.

About acquiring personal information

Angelo Forex gathers personal information legally to provide investment services to customers. This includes your birth date, address, a copy of the state issued identification card, a copy of your passport or other identification card, a copy of the recent public benefit bill or other proof of address. In order to prevent fraud, personal information is acquired for identity confirmation. This includes confirmation by a credit inquiry agency that may store information. Angelo Forex collects and uses personal information necessary to provide services to customers. This includes information on filling out an application online, filling in other forms, accessing and dealing with your account from the website.

In addition, Angelo Forex collects information generated when you use this website and our software and sometimes stores it together with personal information. This information includes the area of the access source, the page visited, the visit frequency / interval, the IP address, the computer identification parameter, the transaction type performed, the downloaded document, the click of the mouse, the movement of the mouse, the scroll history, the website Input text, contains information on the website you reference or linked.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Angelo Forex will use and disclose your personal information to all partners, contractors, service providers, transaction processors, advisors and affiliates of Angelo Forex, including the parent company, affiliates and subsidiaries of the Angelo Forex Group (Hereinafter referred to as "partner") only for the following purposes, or in accordance with your explicit consent.

·Providing services according to customer's request including transaction in process
·Maintaining personal profiles
·Managing your account
·Contacting the customer if there is a necessity or validity related to the service provided to the customer
·Updates on matters relating to contents traded during the period of Angelo Forex customers and events related to Angelo Forex
·Management and management of products and services offered to customers
·Marketing including but not limited to providing information to customers about Angelo Forex and "Partner" products and services
· To improve understanding of products and services that you are interested in acquiring from Angelo Forex and "partners"
· Provide information or opportunities that we believe are related to customers
· Customize website according to customer's needs and interests
· Creation of non-personal statistical data
· When forced to the terms of trade
· Angelo Forex believes that you have violated the terms of the agreement or abused your right to use the service, or if you believe that you are in violation of laws, regulations, regulations
· Disclosure of information to law enforcement agencies and other authorities or other third parties requesting your disclosure of information if Angelo Forex considers it to have performed a crop failure
· From government authorities or other third parties Angelo Forex believes that customer information is legally required or believed to be required
・ If you have any kind of controversy or legal process related to the service provided by Angelo Forex between you and Angelo Forex or between you and another customer or third party
· When conducting surveys and questionnaires
・ In all cases where Angelo Forex believes that sharing information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or property damage
· If Angelo Forex organizes the operation of that service in a different framework or through another legal structure or entity or when Angelo Forex is acquired or merged into another entity, If the body agrees to consider each change in accordance with the terms of this policy

Statistical data

Angelo Forex may create non-personal statistical data by combining your personal identity information with the information of another user on this website for the purpose of monitoring and improving the service. Angelo Forex may provide this statistical data to third parties. In any case we can not identify you from this statistical data, it will be anonymous.

Selection and delivery stop

In the process of registering customers with Angelo Forex, you can choose to stop delivery to:

· Information on Angelo Forex or partner's products and services, or marketing services that provide opportunities related to you
· SMS (text) message
· Other electronic communication
If you do not wish to receive such a message as above, you can stop the delivery by the procedure described in each message.

Transfer of data to third countries

By nature as an online service, you agree that Angelo Forex will store and process information on various sites around the world. In the case where you live in a jurisdiction such as a member country of the European Economic Area, if the transfer of personal information to another jurisdiction requires the customer's consent, the customer clearly agrees with such movement will do.

Customer information update

If there is a change in personal information or you want to delete your personal information held by Angelo Forex please let us know by e-mail
We will change or delete personal information according to customer's instructions. However, we may retain personal information for regulatory or legal purposes.

In addition, we may keep records necessary for providing services requested by customers, and records necessary for continuing work. In any case, the Angelo Forex may hold the aggregated or anonymous information indefinitely for the purposes described in this personal information and security policy.

About the links

Although you can link to other websites when using this website, please note that this personal information and security policy will not apply to the linked site.

About cookies

Cookies are small size information files and contain identification numbers or values. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive as a result of using Angelo Forex trading software and accessing the Angelo Forex website.

We use both session ID cookie and persistent cookie. Session ID cookie expires when closing browser. Session ID cookie will be used by you to access your account online.

Persistent cookies will be left on your hard drive for a long time. Persistent cookies are used only for the statistical information collection purposes above. Most Internet browsers are set to receive cookies.

If you decline to accept cookies, you will need to change your browser settings, refuse to accept all cookies, or display it on your computer when you receive the cookie, and you will need to decide your receipt yourself. However, there is a danger of impairing the quality of services provided by Angelo Forex in relation to your account. Several persistent cookies like Flash cookie can not be blocked further by setting the browser.

Remarketing with Google Analytics

We may use the collected information for the purpose of distributing advertisements related to customers (remarketing). Remarketing is a way to associate our website with advertising visitors based on past interactions of our website and advertisements. Angelo Forex sometimes uses third agencies that do such remarketing.

As a result, third parties including Google may post ads of Angelo Forex on the Internet site. Third parties, including Google, will use that cookie and third party cookies or similar technology to provide advertisements based on the visitor's history of visits to the previous Angelo Forex website there is.

Customers can suspend display ads on Google Analytics. You can also visit Google's ads preference manager to stop ads on the customized Google Display Network. It is also recommended that you visit the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on. Please also visit Google's privacy center for more information.


Angelo Forex is taking strong security measures. We use our best technology to protect your personal information and are controlled internally so that you can not access except authorized persons. As a countermeasure against security, we provide encryption of data transmission, strong authentication mechanism, separation of machine and data, and provide a safe area.

While reducing the risk of security breaches in such systems and processes, this does not guarantee complete security. Therefore, Angelo Forex shall not be liable for errors arising out of that service being not subject to unauthorized access to arbitrary mistakes, malfunctions, illegal interception or information to be stored or other information security risks, and personal communications on or through our services We can not guarantee that it will be kept private.

Customer's Rights

It is not necessary to provide personal information requested by Angelo Forex to Angelo Forex. However, if the necessary information is missing in the application form, it may be impossible to open an account of Angelo Forex. In addition, we may not be able to provide other services, information or assistance to customers, or validation of services requested by customers.

Information Claim Request

If you are charged, please send an e-mail to Angelo Forex by identifying your individual and presenting details of the information you request. Pay fees permitted by law in order to cover the cost of searching, acquiring, reviewing, and duplicating any requested materials, verification of the application.


Angelo Forex makes every possible effort to comply with personal information and security policies. If you have any doubts, concerns or complaints regarding this policy and its enforcement, please contact When you receive a complaint from a customer Angelo Forex will explain concerns and will respond promptly to questions and make the utmost efforts to find solutions that you can satisfy.

Policy revision

Angelo Forex may change and update this personal information and security policy as appropriate. All changes will be made in 7 days from the first posting to the website. However, if Angelo Forex makes the necessary amendments to comply with this policy with legal or regulatory requirements, amendments will be made as necessary or on request.