Risk disclosure

This risk disclosure matters will be applied to everyone browsing the website without exception. By using the service of Angelo Forex, you are deemed to have read and agree to this risk disclosure. Disclaimers presented on the website may be changed or updated. Therefore, when accessing this site, please be sure to read all notes.

About access to website

Accessing from this viewing entrance and proceeding with the browsing of the material guarantees that the customer himself lives and stays outside the regulated country and regulates any information contained in this website We agree that you have agreed not to send to any country any persons, publications or anything else in the country or regulated country.

Access from regulated countries
Materials on this website are provided for good faithful use and connection or access by persons residing and staying in regulated countries is prohibited. Browsing accessed materials may not be legal within the jurisdiction of a certain legal authority. Even within the jurisdiction of other legal authorities, it may be available only for persons within a range that meets certain conditions. Those who wish to view these materials and those who trade via this website must first confirm that they are not under the control of the conditions prohibiting or restricting the row.

For customers from overseas
Access to this website by you permits access to the materials you view on this website and transactions through Angelo Forex in laws and regulations within the jurisdiction of your residence and the legal authority of your country of residence It is judged that the customer himself has been confirmed that it is being done. If you are browsing materials from this website or doing business via this website, if you are uncertain whether or not it is permitted to conduct those rows, please exit promptly from this website if in doubt I will do.

Service restriction
The service of Angelo Forex does not allow the distribution or use of information on this website to be used by individuals or organizations in countries or jurisdictions contrary to law. Foreign exchange transactions and all services listed on this website are not applicable to those living in countries where the provision of our services is contrary to laws and regulations. Please understand beforehand that it is your responsibility to grasp the laws and regulations of the country of residence and to follow it.

Access Criteria
In any case, we will not open accounts of persons who reside or stay in regulated countries where access to the Angelo Forex website or transactions through the website are forbidden by laws and regulations or other applicable regulations So, please understand. As a general rule, the Angelo Forex will not promote financial services in certain countries that have not received permission from government authorities. Angelo Forex shall restrict the provision of services in the United States, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria (hereinafter referred to as "Restricted Areas").

Unsolicited information
Because the information on this website contains information on financial products and services, it may be deemed as a solicitation for public offering financial products or residents of restricted areas by restricted area supervisors, but in restricted areas When resident customers access this website, we approve that they are accessing by the customer's own will, not by our proposal. Every material on this website is provided as a general comment to the market, it does not solicit transactions in any market and is not advice on investment or transactions. Angelo Forex expressly disclaims liability for any damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of the information provided on our website under any circumstances without limit.

About foreign exchange transaction

The following disclaimer indicates some, but not all, risks associated with currency transactions (aka "foreign currency exchange transactions", "Forex", "FX}") Foreign exchange transactions are made to all investors Leverage used for foreign exchange may act advantageously and adversely, transactions involve high levels of risk.Leverage poses greater risk and the possibility of return Therefore, foreign exchange trading can not be guaranteed to be a financial product suitable for all customers. Before you start trading, you must fully understand the risks involved beforehand and understand your own investment objectives, financial resources, Carefully consider the tolerance of experience and risk.With careful consideration of the risks related to foreign exchange transactions and seeking advice from a neutral financial or tax advisor when in doubt Please be.

We ask investors to keep losses within acceptable limits. It is necessary to do so only with "risk capital" which is not necessary for living or health · happiness. You should not invest funds that can not tolerate losses. It is the customer's responsibility to decide whether foreign currency exchange transactions are appropriate for your economic situation and investment goals. Please refrain from using the Angelo Forex service unless you are fully familiar with the risks associated with FX transactions and the various trading rules and policies of Angelo Forex. Without limiting to the above general matters, foreign exchange transactions involve risks due to the following factors:

1. Spot transactions can apply leverage of thousands of times of margin payment amount. As a result, there is a possibility of loss exceeding the original deposit amount.
2. There may be multiple losses due to market disadvantage movements, accumulation of positions, addition of fee, and other charges.
3. Depending on market conditions and fluctuations, execution of orders at contract prices, "stop loss" or "stop limit" orders may be impossible or cost a lot of money.
4. Currencies are not traded on replacement and are not traded on a regular basis depending on the combination. The price quot on the order of such currency may become old due to reasons such as the absence of the other party and it can not be applied.
5. If banks or brokers using Angelo Forex or Angelo Forex become unpayable, your position will be closed immediately.

Advisor Disclaimer
Angelo Forex may refer to a third party information provider as part of the service to ordinary customers making transactions. Angelo Forex does not endorse unless it stipulates that it will specially support methodologies, opinions, views, or advice from such third party information providers. We will carefully review and analyze the content offered by the third party information provider and the content of the claim to all customers who are engaged in transactions.

Hypothetical performance
Past performance / history in foreign exchange transactions does not guarantee future results. Past performance does not guarantee the profitability of the future, so that we pay sufficient attention when reading materials provided by all advisors, traders, bloggers, money managers and third-party system vendors, Please.