About Seychelles

The Republic of Seychel is not only a country of tax avoidance (Tax Haven) but also a base of funds dealing with growing stocks in Africa as the gateway to Africa, which is growing fastest now. In the Seychelles Stock Exchange, It is a country where finance experts gather such as achieving the listing as an offshore branch that the company creates. In addition, I have a face familiar with another name of '' Last paradise '' as a "super high-class resort area".

Seychelles are made up of several small islands floating in the Indian Ocean in northern Madagascar. The capital city of Victoria is located in the main island. Seychelles are becoming the most attractive offshore financial center, thanks to the incentive laws enforced by the government. The Investment Promotion Act enacted in 1994 is to encourage foreign investment.

Because this law can enjoy complete confidentiality and anonymity, it is very suitable for large foreign exchange transactions that are attracting attention. We have the latest communication network and advanced professional base and technology base. According to the International Business Companies Act 1994 in 1994, Seychelles' IBC (International Commercial Company) does not become subject to currency management or currency management, it gives great flexibility to investment corporations registered in Seychelles I will.

Angelo Forex is a Seychelles investment company (registration number 153612) approved by the Republic of Seychelles. Angelo Forex strives to protect customers by complying with the following regulations and investment business law stipulated by Republic of Seychelles. International Business Companies Act, Seychelles Financial Institution Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act, Mutual Funds and Hedge Fund Act, Securities Act