Transaction code

Upon opening an account at Angelo Forex in Forex trading, you agree to trade foreign currency in accordance with all the terms and conditions in the contract. The customer wishes to open the above account to Angelo Forex on the premise of conducting a transaction and when using the Angelo Forex Forex Trading Service, both parties agree with the following contents I will.

1. Scope of contract and definition
1.1 The contract describes the rules concerning transaction opening after opening accounts and opening accounts of customers.
1.2 The contract consists of risk warnings, trading rules, customer consent form, etc. and may be modified arbitrarily by Angelo Forex.
1.3 We will refer to the glossary or obey the customary meaning if it is not defined by matters concerning contractual terms.

2. About opening an account
2.1 You agree to open an account under the name of yourself. By opening an account, you are dealing only for the purpose of pursuing the interests of the customer himself, and you agree that you do not trade for the pursuit of the interests of others or a company.
2.2 The authority to trade using this account is granted only to the customer who has the account.
2.3 We will limit this account only to use for trading purposes. In cases where Angelo Forex considers the use purpose of the account to be other than transactions, we may restrict the use of accounts or transactions.

3. transaction
3.1 After the account opening procedure, you will be able to trade Forex and Foreign Exchange Gold via the Internet. Customers should understand the transaction risks well and please deal with them at their own risk.
3.2 All transactions are executed in accordance with the Angelo Forex trading rules.
3.3 Angelo Forex aims for best execution in accordance with the terms contained in the contract.
3.4 In regard to trading, you agree to the following.
(i) When you do business, Angelo Forex will be a direct trading partner.
(ii) Angelo Forex will not provide advice or intermediary services to customers.
(iii) Angelo Forex will settle all payment transactions with customers in a way that Angelo Forex makes reasonable.

4. About margin
4.1 It is necessary to keep a certain amount of margin for trading.
4.2 After the account opening procedure, you can deposit money by bank remittance, credit card or other remittance method as determined by Angelo Forex. When depositing and starting a transaction, there may be a change in the balance of the account due to the profit and loss caused by building or clearing the position or the reflection of the swap point, but they always arise in the transaction Please recognize that it is things. By doing so, you agree to grant the following authority to Angelo Forex.
4.3 There is no interest on the margin that the customer has placed.
4.4 Angelo Forex In the event that you requested the customer to submit a "payment confirmation note" at the discretion of the management department, we agree that you sign and submit promptly the prescribed form provided by the Company .

5. Withdrawal by customer
5.1 Angelo Forex will remit part and all of the amount excluding overhead expenses such as bank remittance expenses in accordance with the customer withdrawal request form. Regarding remittance Angelo Forex will comply with all applicable laws including money laundering laws. When withdrawing money, submit ID etc for Angelo Forex's identity confirmation.

6. Pricing and fee
6.1 Angelo Forex does not charge fees for quoted prices.
6.2 Angelo Forex will notify you in advance if there is a need to charge a fee for some services in the future. In that case, you will be charged directly from the customer's account.

7. report
7.1 Transaction detail report
7.2 Report on Open Position
7.3 Report on withdrawal and bank remittance fee

8. Notes on transactions
8.1 Customers should understand the transaction risk warnings and contents of the appendix well, and please do business at your own risk. Angelo Forex is not responsible for losses arising from transactions.
8.2 I agree to indemnify the customer without any attribution to Angelo Forex for all liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, etc. caused by customer mistake or misoperation.
8.3 Angelo Forex does not guarantee that prices and information provided on the Internet are always accurate and reflect current market.
8.4 Angelo Forex is responsible for all or part of the transactions due to technical problems (damage or collapse of the computer system resulting from mistakes in management of the computer or software, delays or losses in data or records, errors or omissions, etc.) We are not responsible for losses arising from the fact that we are not directly or indirectly enforced.

9. Law and jurisdiction
9.1 Republic of Seychelles law applies to this agreement. If dispute arises in this contract and related matters, it will be under the jurisdiction of the court of Republic of Seychelles.
9.2 You agree not to dispute the fact that it is the jurisdiction of the court of Republic of Seychelles.

10. About contract and amendment
10.1 Please be aware that if the contract is modified, the contents after correction will be reflected.
10.2 Angelo Forex will modify the contract arbitrarily without notifying the customer in advance if it is necessary to modify the contract.
10.3 Angelo Forex will perform in accordance with the content described in this agreement unless we modify it according to the correct procedure.

11. About forced termination of contract
11.1 Angelo Forex may notify you of a ban on new transactions or destruction of contracts. In this case, the customer shall settle all existing transactions.
11.2 Even at the end of the contract you will also observe the terms contained in the contract.

12. Severability of provisions in the contract
12.1 If any part of the contents of this contract or application is not legally effective in a person or circumstance, in cases where it is illegal, or even if it is not compulsory, all of the rest except the part is legal It is adapted by.

13. About contact
13.1 When there is a change in information such as the address, contact information etc. provided at the time of opening account, please be sure to contact customer service. Regarding notification matters from customers, notification will be completed when we receive and confirm e-mail.