About MAM account

Multi account manager (MAM) is a type of account that deals with multiple sub accounts from one master account. Transactions in the master account are reflected in the sub account under the master account. MAM can be used by customers using MT4 platform. The profit / loss of dealings is allocated equally to all the accounts.

MAM Account Opening Method

To apply for opening a MAM account, please open a real account (standard or VIP) from the link below but please send the request of MAM account to the back office for authentication. In addition, please understand that there is a necessary condition for MAM account opening.

»All subaccounts and master accounts need to be authenticated.

»In order to do business with a master account, a power of attorney is required for all sub-accounts.

»Only MAM accounts are available for Standard Account and VIP Account.

»The minimum margin amount of all sub-accounts at the time of account approval is USD 1000.

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