Transaction guide

The handling currency pair and CFD Angelo Forex can trade the following currency pair and CFD for 24 hours. If there is demand, it is also possible to add a pair of currencies, so please contact us if there is a currency pair you would like.

Spot FX:


Spot metal:



The spread of the major currency pair is a minimum of 0.1 pip. Because we adopt interbank direct connection type STP / NDD / DMA system, there is a possibility that the spread may fluctuate in relation to important news and events when market volatility is high, before and after announcement of important indicator . Spreads and liquidity depend on the interbank market.

Minimum transaction unit:

The minimum trading unit is 0.01 lot (1,000 currency units of the base currency) for both the micro account and the standard account.


Transaction fee is free. Transaction costs are included in the spread of bid and offer. Account opening fee is also free.

Price feed:

Transaction rates are quoted through highly transparent STP / NDD / DMA methods. Transaction rates are continuously updated on the platform. Your order will be executed through the interbank market and the open position information will automatically be updated after the contract.

Transactions on the Internet:

In the case of dealings, simply input the number of transaction lots and click on the bid (buy) or offer (sell) of the currency pair that you wish to buy and sell. The order execution process is automated. The system calculates the required margin based on the order contents and dealings are executed only when the account balance meets the necessary amount. Your order is usually confirmed within 1 second and the open position and profit and loss are updated immediately on the platform.

Processing order:

Market orders are the most common ordering method. Order on Tagline buying / selling is immediately executed at the current market rate displayed on the screen. A progressive order can be either a new order or a settlement order.

Limit order:

The limit order or the stop limit order is an ordering method to be executed when the market price reaches the specified price. Limit orders can be set at an open position. For example, you can buy one lot of EUR / USD and specify a stop loss order and a limit order (profit order order) as a limit price. These two orders are drawn to the position of EUR / USD. Note) On the Angelo Forex MT4 platform, if you manually settle positions with ordered orders, orders that were hung on positions are automatically canceled.


Leverage of all account types is 500 times. Required margin rate is 0.2% (for accounts with account balances less than $ 100,000). A lower leverage rate setting is also possible if there is a request from the customer. If you have a position to the upper limit of the leverage ratio, you will need to maintain an account balance that always meets the required margin. It is customer's responsibility to confirm the margin maintenance rate. For accounts where margin shortage has occurred, we will settle some or all of the positions according to our judgment. Please be aware that this is a necessary measure to limit the amount of loss in your account as risk management of our company. The margin requirement rate may change depending on the size of the account and the state of the market. In addition, it may be subject to change depending on the change of contract of Angelo Forex and customer's request. Note) When there is a position not settled in the account, you can not change the leverage ratio.

Roll over :

The swap interest rate may be generated from the position carried over the next day. The swap interest rate is determined by the interest rate difference between the currency pair and the direction of the position. For example, the interest rate of UK is higher than the interest rate of Japan, so if you are long (buying and holding) GBP / JPY (synonymous with holding a British pound), you will benefit from interest differential between both currencies I can. Conversely, if you are short-selling (selling) GBP / JPY, you will be required to pay the amount of the loss due to interest rate loss.

Regarding clearing business:

Angelo Forex will perform daily clearing operations such as rollover every day from New York time 6:00 pm for about 5 minutes. Therefore, there is a possibility that the system becomes unstable or dealings become impossible in this time period.

About confirmation of dealings:

Your order is usually confirmed within 1 second and you can confirm the details of the transaction on the screen after the contract is made. Confirmation of the date and time of deal, contracted rate, trading amount, order number etc are possible.

Regarding reports:

Our trading system will update your transaction details in real time. Open position, real time profit / loss · margin maintenance rate · account balance, transaction history can be confirmed on the screen.

Account statement:

From the account history of the platform you can check the contents of your transaction so far. For details, refer to the platform help.

Regarding payment procedure:

In order to respond to customer's needs, we have prepared various payment methods. For details of payment method, please confirm here. Depending on the payment method, please understand beforehand because it may be unavailable or fee may be charged. BRILLIANT STAGE LIMITED keeps all funds deposited from you safely. Note: If you transfer money in another currency to a US dollar account, we will exchange US dollars at the current exchange rate. Please note that it may become an unfavorable rate for customers when exchanging money.

With regard to withdrawal:

Withdrawing orders from customers is processed normally within 3-5 business days. In the case of withdrawal by bank remittance, a fee will be charged according to the account currency (equivalent to 24 dollars in yen) Please be forewarned.

Support time:

Customer support is available from 5 pm on Sunday NY time to 5 pm on Friday.