Trading platform leading to FX industry

MetaTrader 4 (MT 4) is the most popular trading tool in the FX industry. With the latest charting technology and technical analysis tools, you can trade with automatic trading software (EA). The customized MT4 platform for Angelo Forex is designed to be easy to use and efficiently trade.

Ultra high speed contracting speed

In providing online trading services, Angelo Forex emphasizes the most important factor. As a broker performing ordering operations in STP, Angelo Forex has the most important task to minimize the time it takes to process orders through MT 4, and at the present time, from latency (from customer order to promise This time has been reduced to milliseconds. Also, occurrence of slippage is suppressed to the minimum in the Angelo Forex contracting system.

Utilize the functions installed in MT 4, please enjoy dealings in your own style. MT4 is equipped with a variety of market analysis tools that can be used not only for EA transactions but also for discretionary transactions. It is the most popular platform in the FX industry. Please install it immediately and experience the charm!

»Completely manage your trading account

»Access the market from anywhere in the world

»Equipped with 30 kinds of technical analysis indicators

»All order types can be executed

»Compatible with all Windows PCs

»Compatible software (PlayOnMac) supports all MacPC

Download MT4 PC desktop