Gold & Silver Commodity Trading

In recent years commodity trading, especially gold trading, has continued to increase. Investor's attention is gathered because volatility is high, economic indicators and news influence the market fluctuation in real time. Recent gold, silver and market volatility in the market have made a lot of investors expect the next big move and gained a lot of impression from the viewpoint of fundamental analysis. Investors are also seeking value as a safe haven = safe asset for commodity transactions, and based on the recent financial crisis and the uncertainties of the financial outlook, changes in the world situation and the stability in financial markets As a brand that reflects, gold trading has gained high popularity.

Angelo Forex commodity trading

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Commodity Stocks

Brand name   Spread* Min / Max Order Lots1 lot size  Minimum price variation unit 1Value of 1 Pip per lot
Required margin / 1 lot 
GOLDUSD 0.40 0.1/10 100 Troy Ounce 0.01 1 USD 100*Price*0.5%
SILVERUSD 0.04 0.1/2 5000 Troy Ounce 0.01 50 USD 5000*Price*0.5%