Equinix server

Angelo Forex's MetaTrader 4 transaction settlement server is located in the data center "NY 4" operated by Equinix in New York.

3 milliseconds high speed promise

Because of the excellent technology of Equinix, data communication in the data center is accelerated as much as possible, so the system of Angelo Forex makes very fast order execution possible with minimal delay I will. The speed is very fast, with an average contract time of 3 milliseconds in over 30 currency pairs.

Ideal for automatic trading system

For VPS servers provided by Angelo Forex, order execution within 1 millisecond is possible. For customers who make frequent orders with automatic trading system or EA etc., it is a service that maximizes the power of EA.

Evolved FX transaction

Equinix 's data center is set up in New York, the world' s largest foreign exchange trading base. It is a matter of course to offer customers the highest possible trading environment possible. We offer excellent technology and trading environment to all customers.

Equinix's advantage

Equinix 's "NY 4" data center is a state - of - the - art technology that connects the financial services industry and the world' s financial markets and is the center of financial transactions. A variety of financial transactions and trading platforms gather in NY 4, creating a huge network. Partnering with Equinix has made it possible to provide even better trading environment.