Best Execution Policy

Angelo Forex ("Angelo Forex" or "our company") will provide our customers with our Execution Policy. In foreign exchange transactions, the quality of execution is very important. We promote our customers to participate in the market easily and quickly, at the best price possible for trading. Therefore, we are strongly opposed to any software or method that forcibly rejects or refuses customer orders to ruin the quality of enforcement. Our company with experience in interbank trading fully understands that profitable trading strategies will also result in losses if the execution method is poor. Even if it is a tight spread, as long as execution is bad it means nothing. Therefore, Angelo Forex will make every effort to provide you with the best execution.

Customers must read this order execution policy carefully. Customer's consent and acceptance of this order execution policy is a prerequisite for the case where you deal with us. In particular, by placing a transaction with us, you are deemed to have approved that your order will be executed outside of the exchange or the Martilateral Trading Facility.

Our Responsibility

We have a general obligation to act on our customers sincerely, fairly and professionally, and to act for the customer's best interests when executing orders. In more detail, when we execute orders for customers, we will provide "best promises" to our customers. In other words, we take full account of executing factors which we will clarify below, and we will act according to the procedure stipulating that we will take reasonable measures to always obtain the best possible results.

Specific instructions

If the customer gives special instructions to us (for example when the trading platform has a system failure and the customer places an order by phone), those instructions will take precedence over our order execution policy . However, how to enforce customer orders The specific instructions the customer has offered to the Company, as far as the factors subject to customer instructions are concerned, the Company will provide the best possible results with order execution This may prevent you from taking the measures formulated and implemented in the order execution policy. In the case where the customer's instructions are incomplete, we will not have an obligation to execute based on that, but when we execute the order, we will not be covered by the customer's instructions As usual, we will enforce it in accordance with our order execution policy.

Under the principle that the highest possible outcome (or part thereof) is offered by enforcing orders according to your complete or partial instructions, we believe that we are fulfilling our obligations to you You will agree about that.

Transaction with us

I would like to read this order execution policy in conjunction with the Terms of Service, but I will endeavor to enforce it at the price you specify or very close to it but provide guarantee on the contracted price of the order Please understand that it is not what you do. However, there is a possibility that our price will move abruptly and irregularly from a certain level to a certain level. This is known as a gap (window), which occurs in the event of liquidity declines, price volatility, such as immediately after announcement of economic data etc.


This order execution policy is applied when executing transactions with individual and expert customers in foreign exchange margin trading. You can see the trading currency pair handled by us on our website. Our bid is based on prices provided by a number of competing counterparties. These counterparties supply streaming prices and valid best bids / offers are used to create bids for customers to trade.

Order execution place

Please be aware that we are acting as the principal in all transactions and as the only place to place orders for customers ordered by OTC, not exchanges or Marti Lateral Trading Facilities . Therefore, there is only one place to place orders.

Best Execution Agreement

If we do not have any special instructions from you, we will consider how we can provide the best promise when ordering and executing orders for financial products for our customers, but in doing so It is required to consider many factors. Based on the comprehensive judgment represented by the price of financial products and the cost related to execution of orders, the Company considers all factors to be able to provide the best possible results. Unless the following is as useful as possible to provide the best possible value in the sense of comprehensive judgment, we will rank the contract price as the most important, then the following I will.

· Cost (including all expenses incurred by customers directly related to the execution of orders)

· Quickness

· Order type

· Transaction quantity

· likely to be in order execution and settlement

· Other items concerning execution of orders

When enforcing orders for customers, we will consider the following criteria to determine the importance of the above order execution factors:

· Customer characteristics (including whether the customer is an individual or an expert)

· Features of customer's order

· Characteristics of trading products

Collective Execution

We will treat your order as one order for execution and will not combine it with orders from other customers.

Handling of your order

Angelo Forex enforces orders continuously and quickly in other comparable ways unless the characteristics of the order or the market situation is unenforceable. We will notify you as soon as we become aware of serious problems that we can not properly handle your order. Orders ordered by other media are not the same.

bid price

If there is a time lag due to the delay between delivery of the first bid price of Angelo Forex and acceptance by the customer, or there is a change in the market situation, the bid price does not exceed the considerable deadline, And we still have the right to enforce the order if it is conditional on satisfying the best execution requirements.

Claim against transaction execution

If we receive a complaint from you within 24 hours from the point of controversy or the execution of a questionable transaction, we are not aware that the transaction is actually a misdirected transaction execution We will respond to customers in a short period of time with a report of the survey after scrutiny.

Please email such complaints to our compliance desk, . In that case, please let us know your name, user name, account number, contracted time, and ticket number so that we can rectify it at an early date.

Reexamining order execution enforcement quality and order execution policy

The Company will review the order execution policy once a year at least once a year, or whenever there is a serious change, review the order execution policy each time. In addition, the Company periodically monitors the effectiveness of our order execution method and order execution policy and determines whether the place we trust in determining the transaction price consistently meets legal obligations, Or we will occasionally evaluate whether we need to change the way of order execution. Significant changes in order execution policy will be notified to our customers through our website .

There is no obligation of the trustee

We provide customers access to the trading platform, not fulfilling their role in other qualifications, including trustees. Our commitment to offer our best promises to our customers is that we are obliged to the customer to bear the specific legal obligation imposed on us or our fiduciary responsibilities beyond what we contract It will not.

About specification of order processing

Our trading business is only contract execution for foreign exchange margin trading, and all transactions are processed automatically by STP (Straight Through Processing). We do not conduct a dealing service to monitor all transactions and to contract the order. The rates delivered on the transaction screen represent the "BID" and "ASK" rates from the liquidity provider including the interbank contracted by the Company. Therefore, the rate we distribute is not fixed. Regarding transactions, please keep in mind the following points.

Our company has introduced a policy with no requisition, no contract refusal on the MT 4 platform, we offer a 100% ordering agreement, 99.26% of all orders will be confirmed within 1 second. On our trading platform, we are able to order at any time during trading hours, corresponding to the performance, limit, stop limit and trail order. Once you build a position, that position is outstanding until the exit is executed. Open positions are always revalued at the current market price and are recorded in the account balance in real time.

Fractional Pip pricing allows for tighter spreads and the most accurate price possible. With fractional-pip price pricing, you can trade with a tighter spread and enjoy the most accurate price possible. The maximum number of positions that can be held at the same time is up to 200 (limitations on each customer, pre-orders are included).

About the execution of a mandatory order

When ordering a marching order, the transaction will be executed based on the selected currency pair, transaction quantity, trading category. We will automatically check the order properly and will make a contract at the current market rate. With Angelo Forex, you can trade 5 million transactions with a single click and guarantee execution of up to 50 lots (5 million) of ordered orders. If you want to trade more than 50 lots, you can divide the transactions into smaller pieces or request the maximum transaction size by telephone.

About new contracts, stops, trade-ring stop orders

New stops, stops, trailing stop orders are orders that place orders for the order when the specified rate is reached. When the specified rate is reached, the order to be ordered will be ordered and will be decided at the market rate at that time. Angelo Forex understands the importance of backwards limit in risk management. Therefore, we guarantee that a stop price limit of up to 50 lots will be confirmed at the best market price.

About new promises, promise of limit orders

The new limit, limit order is an order that specifies a more favorable rate than the current rate. When the limit value reaches the specified rate, the order to be ordered will be ordered and will be decided at the market rate at that time. Angelo Forex understands the importance of limit ordering in risk management. Therefore, we guarantee that limit orders of up to 50 lots will be contracted at the best market price.

Holiday / Weekend Enforcement

If trading is initiated with a large gap on Friday from the final price on Sunday, Angelo Forex will be available first in the open market with that position size for outstanding negotiations or limit orders It is executed at the price.

Transactions in a highly variable or illiquid market

With a high level of consciousness and business alliance with several major banks and liquidity providers, Angelo Forex will do its best for customers by executing orders at the best market price that can be traded, even in a volatile market environment We are aiming at that.

* aroused

Our company is committed to maintain high level of contracting ability by making full use of state-of-the-art technology. In the unlikely event that the new limit, limit, new stop, stop, or trailing stop is not automatically confirmed, the following notice will be displayed on the transaction screen. If you click "O.K.", the order will be canceled so please click "O.K." and immediately issue a mandatory order or contact us immediately without clicking "O.K." We will not approve the order once canceled once we understand that thank you for your understanding.