Conflicts of Interest Management Policy

Along with the diversification of services provided by financial institutions and the progress of the global financial conglomerate, there are multiple competing and conflicting interests within financial institutions or financial groups, and conflicts of interest arise The risk is rising. Under these circumstances, Angelo Forex (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is also required to manage transactions that may conflict with the interests so that customers' profits are not unduly impaired It is. We will identify and categorize transactions that may unfairly harm the customer's interests (hereinafter referred to as "conflict of interest transactions") in an appropriate manner and profit to ensure customer protection properly We have formulated a system to manage conflicting transactions as a conflict of interest management policy. In accordance with laws and regulations, we will announce the outline of our company's conflict of interest control policy here.

1. Conflicts of Interest Transaction

"Conflicts of interest" means transactions that could unfairly harm customers' profits as a result of our transactions.

2. Identifying transactions etc. that may be harmful due to conflict of interest

The Company manages items that fall under the following as transactions that may be subject to conflicts of interest that are subject to conflict of interest controls.

(1) There are circumstances where the Company is profitable based on customer disadvantages

(2) There are circumstances where other customers of the Company are profiting under the disadvantage of customers

In addition, we consider overall circumstances such as whether there is no influence on our reputation (reputation) risk in judging whether it falls under the conflict of interest or not.

3. Types

There are the following types of transactions that may conflict with each other.

Profit conflict

· Transactions where conflicts of interest between our customers conflict

· Transactions where conflicts of interest between customers and other customers of the Company conflict

Competitive transaction type

· transactions where customers and us conflict with the same target

· Transactions where customers compete with other customers of our company

Information use type

· Transactions for which the Company earns benefits by using information acquired through transactions with customers

· Transactions for which the Company's other customers benefit by using information acquired through the relationship with customers

4. Management of transactions that may conflict with conflicts

In order to manage transactions that are likely to conflict with the interests of the Company, we will properly secure customer protection by selecting or combining the following methods or other methods.

· How to divide the department conducting the target transaction and the department that deals with the customer

· How to change conditions or method of transactions or dealings with customers

· How to cancel trading transactions or customers with customers

· A method to properly disclose to customers that there is a risk that customers' profits may be unfairly harmed by the target transaction

5. Conflicts of Interest Management System

Upon management of conflict of interest transactions, the Company establishes a department for conflicts of interest management, which is independent from the sales department, and we will establish a system that unifies the identification and management of transactions that may be subject to conflicts of interest .