Ask price (offer)

In a currency pair, the "buy" price for the trader that the counterparty presents to "sell".

Base currency

The currency on the left side of the currency pair display. For example, in the case of EUR / USD, EUR is the base currency. Since it is different from the account currency of trading account, attention is needed depending on the context.

Bear Market

Represents a bearish market at the time of price declines. It is said that bear comes from the appearance of a bear swinging down and attacking the nail.

Bid price

In a currency pair, the "selling" price for the trader that the counterparty presents "to buy".

Bull Market

Represents a bearish market at the time of price declines. It is said that the bullfight comes from the appearance of pushing up the corner and attacking it.

Exchange rate

The price to convert a currency to another currency.

Currency pair

It consists of two currencies. The value in the first currency is presented in the second currency. In other words, if EUR / USD is 1.2520, the value of 1 euro is 1.2520 dollars.

EA (Expert Advisor)

Software that can be used on the MT4 trading platform, performs automatic trading in accordance with the embedded program. You can do transactions with little manual intervention.

Forex / FX

Abbreviated form of English Foreign Exchange (foreign exchange transaction).


By leveraging the principle of leverage, or "lever", you can increase the amount you can trade and you can trade an amount larger than your own investment amount. For example, you can trade up to $ 10,000 financial instruments by operating $ 100's own funds with 100 times leverage.

Long / long position

To make a purchase order for a trading stock, and the position held as a result of a buy order.

lot Lot (s)

Unit of transaction quantity (In currency pair, one lot represents 100,000 currency unit).

Margin Margin Margin

Amount required to place trading order and to hold the position.


Unit that has been considered to represent minimum price fluctuation in traditional FX trading. In most currency pairs, the fourth place after the decimal point is Pip unit. In cross currency pair, 1 Pips = 1 sen. Recently, with many currency pairs and financial products, 1 / 10th of 1Pips is the minimum price variation unit.

Quote currency

Points to the second currency of currency pair display. In the case of EUR / USD, USD is the quote currency.

Rollover (swap)

To carry over trading positions across dates is called rollover. On the Brilliant One Forex platform, the date on the chart changes at 22 o'clock GMT, 7 am at Japan time (6 am during European daylight saving time).


It is a trading method where time from order placement to settlement is short. Generally it refers to a method of earning margins with a short deal of about 5 minutes.


Represents the difference between the Bid price and Ask price of a currency pair or trading issue.

Standard lot

In 100,000 currency units in currency pair, 1 ounce in gold and silver, 100 barrels in crude oil will be one standard lot.

STP (Straight Through Processing)

A trading service system in which trader orders are automatically contracted without being interfered by a third party. With this system, Brilliant One Forex sends contracts received from customers directly to the financial institution (counterparty / liquidity provider), which is an interbank market participant, and carries out contract processing.