Angelo Forex thinks, forex tips

»Let's decide on a certain budget for your transaction. Let's make an investment plan (as simple as possible) and follow it. Let's not deviate from the investment plan.

»If you can not monitor all the time, it is prudent to use loss cut orders or trailing stop orders.

»Please check with your support staff for any questions. - Before you start dealing, let's understand the basic operation method of MT 4, deposit / withdrawal etc. Forex trading has no 24-hour holiday! Do not panickly, prepare.

»Let's not be influenced by emotions when dealing. If it is flushed by emotions, we can not make a logical judgment according to market analysis etc.

»If you can not decide whether to make a deal or not, it is a good idea to take a day off if you see the market trends are different from the normal situation. If you are not convinced that you should make a deal, you can avoid large loss by not doing business, so you can prepare for a big profit if the trend returns to the market.

»When you lose, let's not do further trading to get back the losing part. Let's do the loss in the allowable loss range.

»Let's spread the risks without investing all funds in one transaction.

»Before you actually use EA, let's test it thoroughly with demo accounts and historical charts.

»Do not be disappointed just because you lose. It is very difficult to always win in trading. The important thing is to manage to minimize losses and maximize profits.

»Do not rush to see the results of the transaction, let's wait for the results according to the plan.