FAQ and answers

+ Is funds deposited to Angelo Forex securely managed?

Angelo Forex has taken necessary measures to preserve customer funds. Please refer to this section .

+ What services and products do Angelo Forex offer?

Angelo Forex provides trading services for various financial products such as foreign exchange, commodities, etc. through the most used applications worldwide through the MT4 platform I will.

+ What is the trading time on the Angelo Forex platform?

At Angelo Forex, it is possible to trade foreign exchange from 7:00 AM on Monday in Japan time to 7 AM on Saturday day (6 AM in European summer time) I can do it.

+ How can I open an account?

Click here , fill out the form and register for us At the same time, please apply for opening an account. & nbsp;

+ Do you have required documents for opening an account?

Angelo Forex obliges you to verify your identity. In identity verification work, As an identification card, we ask customers to offer one of drivers license · health insurance card · passport · resident card.
As a result of rigorous review, we may ask you to submit additional documents.

+ Can I open more than one demo account or real account?

Of course I will hear from you. There is no limit to the number of demonstration accounts opened.

+ Does Angelo Forex support dealings?

Angelo Forex strives to provide as much information as possible so that customers can profit from trading. For example, technical analysis, Daily Forex news, economic calendar etc., There are support tools that can be checked at any time from our website. Furthermore, please ask info@galaxy-markets.com for the support contents that we can provide.

+ What is the maximum leverage?

Although leverage may be limited by customer's deposit amount, we basically offer leverage up to 500 times. Please consult with the support staff for the deposit amount, scheduled transaction volume, and higher provision leverage.

+ Please tell me about the process of depositing and withdrawing funds.

+ In which currency can you deposit money into your account?

Angelo Forex currently accepts deposits in Japanese yen and US dollars.

+ How long does it take to deposit money?

Most payment procedures are immediate deposit. However, bank remittance will be international remittance, so it may take 3-5 business days to complete.

+ Is there a limit to withdrawal?

As a general rule you can not withdraw money while you hold a position for trading (see here ). In addition, it is necessary to withdraw funds for deposit money by the method used at the time of deposit. Please withdraw the profit by the method used at the time of payment or bank remittance.

+ Can I keep my account even if my account balance is 0?

Yes, there is no problem. Even if the account balance is 0, we will maintain your trading account without burden of customers.

+ What type of account does Angelo Forex offer?

For information on account types, please see here .

+ Your account balance is negative. What should I do?

Please apply for correction of your account balance by e-mail before re-depositing. If there is no schedule for payment in the meantime, even if left untouched, there will be no burden on the customer.

+ What is a spread?

Spread is the price difference between selling price (Bid) and bid price (Ask). That is, the price at which customers order sales, buy orders and settlement, respectively.

+ What is the long position and the short position? ?

If you place a buy order in a currency pair, you have taken a long position for that currency pair. On the other hand, if you place a sell order in a currency pair, you have taken a short position for that currency pair.

+ Is there a way to keep my position without being lost cut?

You can maintain your position by depositing money before being lost cut. Or you may increase surplus amount by partial settlement of position.

+ What is slippage?

Slippage is the difference between the rate you specified when placing an order and the rate you declined. Slippage has a positive slippage which is more favorable rate than the specified rate and negative slippage which becomes a rate which is disadvantageous from the specified rate. At our company, limit orders and limit orders are contracted at the rate specified as a rule or at a more favorable rate as a general rule, but the stop limit orders, stop orders, loss cuts, Negative slippage may occur because it is executed as "Custom order" after reaching the rate or loss cut rate specified by the customer. It happens when there is a divergence between the closing price of the weekend and the opening price of the first week or when the market fluctuates markedly due to the influence of other political and economic conditions at the time of announcing the economic indicator. Moreover, it may occur when there is not enough liquidity in the market even under normal circumstances.

+ Can you log in to more than one account at the same time with MT 4?

You can not log in to multiple accounts at the same time with one MT 4, but if you store MT 4 in a different place in your computer, it will run simultaneously and separate accounts You can login to.

+ Can I log in to a different account from a different computer?

Yes, if you have MT4 installed and you can use the correct login information, you can share your account with multiple computers. By using the mobile application, you can log in to your account and conduct transactions even in an environment where MT 4 is not installed.

+ How can I save the transaction history of my account?

Right-click on the "Transaction History" tab on the MT4 terminal and select "Save Report" from the menu. You can also extract transaction history for a certain period from 'Custom period setting' of the same menu.

+ What happens if I log out of MT 4 account with holding order in my account?

When you reach the settlement (reverse) limit limit order price, the order is automatically settled. Likewise, (reverse) limit orders are contracted to the market as soon as they reach the specified price. Trail orders are not valid unless you are logged in. In addition, orders that have not been settled will remain in the account as they are after logging out.

+ Can you use EA (automatic trading software)?

Yes, MT4 of Angelo Forex can use all EAs without restrictions, including EA which is commercially available.

+ Can I use a custom indicator?

Yes, it can be used as long as it is a MQL compliant indicator. Please be aware that it may be used due to code error etc. due to MT4 update etc.

+ How many EAs can you use at the same time at the same time?

Angelo Forex MT 4 does not limit the number of EAs that can be used at the same time. The EA may interfere with the memory of the operating PC, When multiple EAs are used at the same time, the performance etc. of the personal computer may be delayed. Also, as there are cases where each trading method and risk management may be different, we recommend that you use it separately for multiple MT 4 instead of the same account.